Are you tired of experiencing sound issues while trying to binge watch your favorite shows on BINGE? Don’t let those pesky glitches dampen your streaming mood. We’ve got you covered with some quick fixes that can give your ears a satisfying audio experience.

Let’s start with the basics; check your internet connection, make sure your HDMI cables are correctly plugged, and that there are no external sound devices connected to your TV. Next, try signing out of BINGE and logging back in. This can refresh your connection and often does the trick, bringing back rich audio quality.

If the issue still persists, don’t worry, we have a couple more tricks up our sleeves. Are you experiencing the ‘PAL speed up’ issue? This may lead to audio and video playback issues. Try adjusting audio and quality settings via the Options Menu in BINGE to get rid of the problem.

Don’t let audio issues ruin your binge-watching experience any longer. With these easy fixes, you’ll be back to enjoying seamless audio for those long streaming sessions.


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